Coming back home and being wedding photographer in Malaga was a great thing. My work is taking me to many awesome places, and I love it, mostly in Germany and Switzerland, but coming back to Spain is something that I appreciate more and more over the years. Having been father recently, it gives me the opportunity to return, so my family can spend more time with my little boy and see him grow. Next time will be in October for a wedding in Madrid, and in November in south of Spain again.

Ana and Chris wanted to keep it simple. They wanted to celebrate in intimacy, only the two of them. They saw my Elopement in Berlin from Irene and Emilio and they realized it is not always necessary to organize too much to celebrate a wedding . Elopement is something that is becoming more and more common and I think it is a very interesting way to celebrate a wedding for those ones who want to get married in privacy and do in a beautiful way at the same time, and not necessarily in the civil registry office, where it is in more cases not very welcoming.

The photos that I show you today were taken at Torcal de Antequera Natural Park. It is the village where my grandfather was born. A spectacular place of karstic landscape just 30 km away from Malaga, the place where I was born. I’m grateful to have shared all these special memories and moments with these two and I am sure our paths will cross again, getting to know you was wonderful! The song is from Triana, a band from the 70´s, that my dad used to hear when I was a little boy and that brings me back to my childhood and to my homeland, and everything here together makes me feel melancholic and I like it, and makes this story even more special for me.






✨Melancholie und Poesie pur, wir sind ganz verzaubert. Danke fürs Teilen. El Torcal ist eins unserer liebsten Fleckchen in Andalusien. Was für ein Glück für dich, dort herzukommen.✨

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