Lovely to have you here! Let me tell you a bit more about myself

My name is Dani Rodriguez and I’m the face behind BRING ME SOMEWHERE NICE. Beside my love for photography I have three other great loves in my life. My wife, Xoel my son and our little daughter Oona.

I was born in Spain, I lived in Málaga, Barcelona, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Berlin, where I finally settled in. I have been living in Berlin for more than fifteen years now. I studied documentary photography in Barcelona, where I discovered the great masters of 20th century photography and one of my main source of inspiration.

I started Wedding Photography 7 years ago and I have never been so satisfied and happy with my work. To experience and document one of the most important days in many people’s life, being a witness of so many emotions, travel the world, feeding my creativity, and to do all that for a living is more than I could have ever asked for.


Radiohead, rainy days at the beach, minimalism, irony, Berlin, architecture, missing the sea where I was born, playing guitar, Paul Auster, lazy Sundays with my family, Eastern Europe, Damien Jurado, funny and not complicated people, modesty, cinema nights with the projector at home, dark wave music, interior design, Songs: Ohia (band), people who dance not caring about the rest at all, In the mood of love (film), taking life not too serious, many British bands and some British sounding American bands like Interpol, autumn in Berlin, Trust (Canadian band), homemade coffees from my coffee machine, respect for the others, sensitive people..

I strongly believe that we, as humans, are the result of what we watch, what we listen to, what we read and the people we hang around.

Here I share with you some of my inspiration.

as Nietzsche said: "without music, life would be a mistake"

My favorite movies

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The music that I love

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