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Dani Rodriguez, Berlin Wedding Photographer

Did you hear the song of the slideshow on my homepage? The heartbeats at the end of the video are from this little boy, Xoel, the greatest baby in the world. He was still in the belly of his mother, Julie, when I recorded it.

Berlin Wedding Photographer

Hi, I am Dani Rodriguez. The wedding photographer behind BRING ME SOMEWHERE NICE. I was born in Spain. I lived in Málaga, Barcelona, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Berlin, where I finally settled. I am living in Berlin for more than ten years now. Here I met Julie, the woman of my life and the mother of my wonderful son Xoel. I met her actually at a wedding in Cologne while I was photographing, but don’t worry guys, she wasn’t the bride.

After I worked in many different projects with which I wasn’t very satisfied, I found my passion in the Wedding Photography. You probably ask why. I love to photograph emotions and a wedding is always full of them, full of intimate and special moments. Experience and document one of the most important days in many people’s life, being witness of so many emotions and to do that for a living is just a dream. I join people in a very special moment, where all their special ones come together at the same place and at the same time to celebrate with them.


I have experienced many intimate and emotional moments, I cried and laughed behind my camera.

I consider myself as a very social person, I love being with friends, irony and sarcasm. Photography allows me also to express my inner world. A world of emotions, sensibility and curiosity for human relations.

Everything that happens at weddings and elopements is real. And this is something I love to document. And to know that I am creating something that has such a value to someone else and which will remain for them forever.

I have never been so satisfied with my work. And it is really satisfying when your work is being valued by awards, but even more important by the couples I have the pleasure to join.


Things that I love

Radiohead, rainy days at the beach, minimalism, my sofa, irony, my neighborhood in Berlin, missing the sea where I was born, playing guitar, lazy sundays with Julie, Eastern Europe, Damien Jurado, funny and not complicated people, cinema nights with the projector at home, furniture design, my bike, japanese food, Songs: Ohia (band), people who dance not caring about the rest at all, In the mood of love (film), taking life not too serious, autumn in Berlin, Trust (canadian band), homemade coffees from my new coffee machine, respect for the others, sensitive and emotional people, watermelon..