Fine Art Wedding Photography

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I love what I do, and I want to keep loving it. The only way to achieve that is being completely committed to my projects. You are not just one more couple for me..

I truly believe a wedding is not a performance, it is a real story of two persons, surrounded by their loved ones, a day full of unique moments and emotions.

My approach at your wedding day is documentary style. In a very respectful and calm way. I love to document honest moments and real emotions, but also the imperfect moments, and what happens in between. 
Capturing your story as it happens and as it really feels. I believe that all the moments in life, that we will always remember, are connected to emotions. Those are the ones you will never forget! We probably won’t remember what we ate that day, or the wine we drank, but we will always remember that special moment, that special hug, the spark in the eyes of our loved ones, or those laughs with your best friends. And I think you should care about having someone who capture those moments for you.

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My only desire is to create unforgettable memories of your wedding day. I want to be as unnoticed as possible in order to capture sincere images. To document your wedding in the most truthful and honest way. I want for you and your loved ones to feel comfortable with me around, so all of you can be natural and act as you are. Enjoy your experience to the fullest without having the feeling that you have to perform for someone else.

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The work that I show you is about real couples, real people in real situations and in different scenarios, because not everyone gets married in Iceland.
My images are not extremely directed because being honest nobody likes wedding poses that reflect nothing unique about you. That is not the memory you want when you look at your images. I want to capture the truest versions of YOU. There will be some basic direction, but that is all. You just need to enjoy your day.


As you probably have seen I am not the wedding photographer who makes traditional photography or classic pastel images. For me, light and composition is a very crucial part of my work. My work is inspired by Film Noir cinematography. I usually shoot low-key because I love the dance between light and shadow. The warm tones and strong contrast help me to accentuate the feelings. The way I shoot and edit photos is directly related to the way I want to tell your story.

It is a match

Booking as many weddings as possible is not what I am after. I much prefer to capture the stories of couples that match my vision and fit my style. Couples that don't search for someone just to do the job done. Couples who trust me, who think about their wedding photos as a visual legacy that will remind them of their beautiful day forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will try to answer all the questions that I normally received. Please contact me if there is another issue you may have

we just need a few pictures...

My work is the result of being together with couples for many hours. We are not magicians or actors, and cannot create incredible emotional moments just by coming to your wedding and take a few pictures. Those moments only happen when, you as couple, your families and guests get the confidence of having a photographer there with you, that’s when real moments are going to happen.

Is the Getting Ready important to photograph?

The Getting Ready is very important part to start the narrative of your wedding day. It is not only the chance to take beautiful photos at that time, because we have the light on control, but it is also very important for the confidence between all of us. The more time I spend with you, the more relaxed and comfortable you will feel in front of my camera. Many really great moments happen during the Getting Ready.

We are shy, do we have to pose?

Please Relax and enjoy. We are all more beautiful when we laugh, when we cry, when we act like we are. Please ignore me and be natural, be YOU! You and your guest, enjoy your day and most of all, enjoy the experience...I take care of the rest as far as photography.

Can we book you for just a couple of hours?

Unfortunately no. As I said earlier, my style is not to come and ask you to smile for the camera.
I want you to see your photos in the future and every time you see them, to feel again what you felt that day. For very intimate weddings you can book me for less hours, but my minimum requirement are 5 hours. Please note that this would only be possible in the low-season or week-days.

Workshops | Mentoring Sessions


Mentoring Session

Mentoring session is a personalised private workshop designed to cover all the questions you may have. We can cover anything you want to learn from me.
- Finding your own artistic style
- Review of your brand and portfolio
- How to work with available natural light
- Interacting with your subjects - how to make couples not look so posed
- Client meetings and setting client expectations
- Pricing for portraits and weddings
- Workflow
- Post processing

Where: in Berlin, via Skype, or in any of my travels
Rates: 800 EUR (additional person 500 EUR)

The 'Crossroad Workshop

Poland, 2019