Fine Art Wedding Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I will try to answer all the questions that I normally received. Please contact me if there is another issue you may have

we just need a few pictures...

My work is the result of being together with couples for many hours. We are not magicians or actors, and cannot create incredible emotional moments just by coming to your wedding and take a few pictures. Those moments only happen when, you as couple, your families and guests get the confidence of having a photographer there with you, that’s when real moments are going to happen.

Is the Getting Ready important to photograph?

The Getting Ready is very important part to start the narrative of your wedding day. It is not only the chance to take beautiful photos at that time, because we have the light on control, but it is also very important for the confidence between all of us. The more time I spend with you, the more relaxed and comfortable you will feel in front of my camera. Many really great moments happen during the Getting Ready.

We are shy, do we have to pose?

Please relax and enjoy. We are all more beautiful when we laugh, when we cry, when we act like we are. Please ignore me and be natural, be YOU! You and your guest, enjoy your day and most of all, enjoy the experience...I take care of the rest as far as photography. tur.

Can we book you for just a couple of hours?

Unfortunately no. As I said earlier, my style is not to come and ask you to smile for the camera.
I want you to see your photos in the future and every time you see them, to feel again what you felt that day. For very intimate weddings you can book me for less hours, but my minimum requirement are 5 hours. Please note that this would only be possible in the low-season or week-days.

• How can we book you?

A booking fee of 600 EUR is recured to secure
your wedding day, deducted from your final
balance. In the instance where I receive more
inqueries for the same date, the date will be
secured for the first booking fee received.
In addition to the fee, we also sign a contract.

• How long in advance should we book you?

The sooner the better, even more if your wedding
takes places at weekend in Summer. If you are exigent
with your wedding pictures, you should book your
photographer as soon as possible, me or someone else.

• When do we receive our images, and how?

4-5 Weeks after the wedding. Albums take a bit longer.
You will receive first a Slideshow with the best moments. A few days later a gallery, with all the images, fully processed and in high resolution to make all the copies that you want and in your desired size.

• Are all the weddings you have done on your website?

No, I show you here only a small selection from several weddings, and only some pictures from them, so you can have a notion about my style of documenting weddings. You will receive a full gallery with many more pictures, depending on the collection you choose.

• Do you also do group pictures?

I also cover family and ceremony
pictures, I just do not usually include them on my Homepage. My style is more documental, I always recommend not to spend too much time doing group pictures, and just enjoy the day.

• Do you publish all your weddings and pictures?

No, I don´t. I am satisfied with my portfolio. I just publish something when I think it is something different to what I already have, or in a location where I would love to shoot again. Sometimes images are used for my promotion. Sometimes it is for a story on my homepage or a single image on Instagram.
That is crucial way of promoting my work and for every photographer. If we cannot share our work, no one will Know about us or book us. The way that anyone can find a suitable wedding photographer is because he/she is showing and promoting his/her work. I am in anyway very sensitive about what I share. If you want your wedding to be completely private and never be published anywhere then I will have to change the price to an extra 40% upon discussion and agreement.