Hi, I am Dani Rodriguez, the Berlin wedding photographer behind Bring Me Somewhere Nice. I shoot weddings in Germany, Switzerland and worldwide. Looking for telling stories of couples searching for something special and different. I love my job, I really do. To have the oportunity to travel the world and to meet so many great people in a very emotional moment of their life is a dream! I always looked for authenticity, honesty and real feelings in life, and this is what I keep searching with my photography.

Named Rangefinder Rising Star 2018  by WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International), probably the most important association in the world for wedding and portrait photographers


A little about me

and my little family growing up




Emotional, authentic and aesthetic where the most common adjectives when I asked my clients to describe my work with three words. As you probably have seen I am not the wedding photographer who makes cliche poses and classic pastel images. I am more into real moments and emotions because I truly believe that wedding photography is not only about nice pictures, it’s about moments, emotions and real stories. Do you believe the same?

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Bring me somewhere nice doesn´t mean that I ask you to take me somewhere nice, which is also something very cool by the way. Bring me somewhere nice is the name I choosed for my wedding work. It is a bride or a groom´s wish, to go somewhere nice together after the marriage. The name comes from a song from Mogway, one of my favourite Music Bands.




beste Hochzeitsfotografen in Berlin
Urban Elopement in Berlin
Elopements are getting more and more popular, and it is something that I love to photograph. That is why I was so happy when Maryanne and Svein asked me if I wanted to be their elopement photographer in Berlin. When you are the only person sharing those wonderful moments with the couple, the experience is magnified. It is you, hidden behind your camera, the only person witnessing  so many unforgettable moments. Maryanne and Svein come from Norway. They wanted to live this experience only the two of them, an intimate experience. Then, one day, making a big party with their family and friends. They were making jokes about the "capability" ...
Rangefinder Rising Star 2018
Whatever I will put into words will not be as close to what it feels to be right here, right now. To be honest, I sometimes did not have full confidence in my work. As the matter fact, I have always been very critical of anything I do, never really fully satisfied.. I received the nomination for the 30 Rising star of wedding photography by New Yorks Rangefinder Magazine back in June without much conviction. That is for others, I thought. Rangefinder is the official magazine of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International), probably the most important association in the world for wedding and portrait photographers, and the name of ...
Best Wedding Photogtraphers in Italy
Wedding in Italy
I was really excited to photograph this wedding in Piedmont, in the North of Italy. Being a wedding photographer in Italy and having always these streets, walls and light as background must be a big privilege. Italy breathes art and beauty in every single corner. Wherever you look, you find something majestic. I went with my family and we spent a couple of days there before the wedding took place. Piedmont is a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland, sits at the foot of the Alps. It’s known for sophisticated cuisine and wines. So we fully enjoyed "la dolce vita" of Italy before heading to Austria for another wedding. It was end o ...






So you can have a first impression about my work and my style. There you can find a selection of images from several weddings and engagements around the world. For me it is very important that you indentify with my work. In my opinion a similar visual language is the main key to choose your photographer.







In this section you find several weddings and engagements that I have done in different places. Here you get an idea about how a wedding reportage will be. Actually that is only a selection from the around 500 Images that you will receive from a full wedding reportage.







Did you like what you saw? Could you imagine that I could be your photographer? Write to me and tell me your story. I am really looking forward to hearing from you..