Inspired by the special exhibition “Die Stadt von Morgen” in 1957 in Berlin (City of Tomorrow). This exhibition was created to design west Berlin after the war with the principles of modern urban development. An opposite manifestation to the monumental and classical style to the East Berlin Stalin-Allee (today Karl Marx Allee). “Freedom against the dictatorship of the proletariat“ was defined those days.The shootings took place in those buildings and some others around west berlin. Architecture, minimalism and some modern Bridal designers.

Kaviar Gauche
– Luna Bea by Zo and Willow
– Prea James Bridal by Zo and Willow
– Halfpenny London by Zo and Willow
– Annika Maria
– Jimmy Choo

Make-up Artist: Stella Loewnich and Kaly Fox
Stylist: Anna Seipp

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