Elopement in Berlin

I have to admit that I have some kind of weakness as a wedding photographer, documenting stories in the nature. Photographing in a more relaxed atmosphere allows you to get involved and establish a connection with the environment, which always helps the emotions to flourish, and those are exactly the kind of emotions between two people that I love to document. But when Irene and Emilio came up with the idea of doing an elopement in a city, the idea fascinated me. And even more when the city chosen for this incredible adventure was Berlin, the city where I live, the city that I love.

Irene and Emilio are two insultingly beautiful people, but even more inwardly. The love and devotion they feel for each other is out of this world. They can craise up with laughter and they can cry almost at the same time.. they can feel.. they can fly.. a present for every wedding photographer. And even more when they both love and really appreciate photography. So for this project I wanted to surround myself with my friends and great photographers Roberto Panciatici and  Gaja, who was in charge of the video. Click and have a look also at their amazing work.

Wedding dress by: KISUI – Berlin  Rooftop: Il Ki                   Featured on


Thijs 22:21 July 19, 2017 Reply
Thanks for giving me a lasting moment of beauty and light
    Bringmesomewherenice 15:09 July 21, 2017 Reply
    Thank you Thijs for your words !!
Felix de Vega 13:11 August 2, 2017 Reply
Precioso reportaje, enhorabuena
    Bringmesomewherenice 18:52 August 7, 2017 Reply
    Muchas gracias Felix !!