It is August 2017. If two years ago, when I photographed my first wedding in Berlin, someone would have told me that this summer a couple in Canada was going to trust in me and ask me to cross the Atlantic to accompany them and be their wedding photographer in Vancouver, I would have not believed it.
And now I am here, in front of this computer, wanting to share this story with you, and still reflecting on all the good things that Photography and Life are giving to me lately. I heard once, don´t remember where: whatever you do in life, do it with your whole heart. Success may be not assured, but the satisfaction and reassurance that you have given everything.
I returned to Canada 22 years after my first visit, when I was studying for a few months there. I had a very good memory of the country, its pleasant people, its breathtaking landscapes..I met Adrienne and Sam for the very first time at their parents house, they invited me to a barbecue. I had also the opportunity to meet Adrienne’s great parents, we ate, we drank, and we had a very enjoyable afternoon. From that moment I know it was going to be an incredible wedding.

I had a couple of days to get lost in the city of Vancouver before we headed up to the mountains, to Whistler, where the wedding was taking place. Whistler is surrounded by sharp peaks, majestic glaciers, muti-hued lakes, roaring rivers, towering evergreen forests, and BEARS!. The first thing I was told when I arrived was some instructions in case that I encounter a bear while shooting. Apparently they go to lower levels at the end of summer in search of food. Luckily it was not necessary to use any of the techniques I was told, which honestly, taking the case, I don´t know if I would have been able to follow any of them. Adrienne and Sam are great human beings. She is a doctor, a lovely and a very intelligent woman. Sam is lawyer, and also a very kind and charming person. He is even a fan of one of my favorite bands, Songs: Ohia, which almost nobody knows, that was a full match and an omen that we were going to understand each other very well. Thanks guys for trusting me and for letting me tell your story.

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