Infinite distances. When the sun breaks through the wintry North Sea, water and dunes shine like molten gold.

When I first received the inquiry of Freda and Justus if I wanted to be their wedding photographer on Amrum... first thought was, where the heck is that? I checked and I realized it is a tiny island in the North Sea close to the border to Dennmark. Amrum is the smallest North Frisian Island. You can walk around it in a day. It’s also the prettiest, with reed-thatched Frisian houses, rolling sand dunes, woods, heath and marsh, and glorious Kniepsand. This is the place to get away from the world and truly feel like it. The villages are small, the people kind, the landscape is breathtaking and wild, like the weather (sometimes it was so cold that I couldn’t even feel my hands). I didn’t expect to find such a gem. I guess that for a mediterranean guy like me, the idea of an island was always more related to palm trees, hot and sunny weather, and beach bars. Here you don’t find anything like that, luckily. It must be a dream being wedding photographer on Amrum or Sylt, the more famous neighboring island.

I met them three years ago at the wedding in Switzerland of Ursina and Daniel, and there we became friends. They are the kind of people you want to have close. They are kind, funny and uncomplicated. And these kind of persons can be only surrounded by a wonderful family and friends. We spent 4 days there, and it was my first wedding travelling with my family.

Freda was wearing the Tracht dress. It is a very traditional dress from the region. The “Friesische Tracht” is richly decorated with beads and embroidery. The quality of the work was a sign of the riches and social status of the wahler’s wife wearing it. That was very special also for her gramma. I hope you can feel that, as long as the wind, the sand and the sea breeze..

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