Wedding, Engagement and Elopement photographer in Malaga, Spain // I remember at the age of twenty I wanted to conquer the world. I wanted to travel to the most remote destinations, the further the better.. the less popular the even better.. I have always loved to travel, and in fact I still love it, but now looking back, I wonder how much of it was adventure and how much was to impress the rest and feed my ego. 

In this eagerness of being this intrepid traveler I realized also that I ignored the places that I had around me, probably by the fact that I couldn´t surprise anyone with that.. probably.
The photos that I show you today were taken at the Torcal de Antequera Natural Park. It is the village where my grandfather was born. A spectacular place of karstic landscape just 30 km away from Malaga, my hometown. And honestly this year was my very first time there.
These lovers are Irene and Emilio, a wonderful couple. We talked a lot, we listened to music, we danced, we had a great time togehter…ah and we took some photos.



Trevor Green – This must be the place

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