It was a rainy week. Katha and Christian planned an incredible wedding in the Marquardt Castle in Potsdam, with a lot of programs outdoors. As wedding photographer in Berlin you should always consider the risk that it might rain. But I must say I feel somehow attracted to the idea of shooting a couple under the rain, as long as the couple does not care at all. But the Saturday dawned more gently. It seemed like we were going to have a meteorological truce.

Katha and Christian, as Christian also described in his vows, and as I and anyone can feel, enjoy that kind of teenager love. They just belong together. They are the kind of couple that every wedding photographer dreams of. They crazily love each other , they let themselves go completely, the get lost looking at each other, they know how to have fun, they love and respect your work, and trust in you even more than you in yourself, and I am sure if the day had finally been rainy, they would not have minded going out in the rain if I would had asked for it. Two true gems.

The chose the Fabrik 23 for their After Wedding Shooting.

Thank you for letting me tell your story and caress your souls. Thank you for all this, you know how much I appreciate you.

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