As wonderful as it is travelling around the world with this job there is something magical about shooting a wedding in your home town, and specially when your home town is a city like Berlin.
It was Autumn, my favourite season. Berlin is surrounded by wonderful lakes and forest, and in Autum is when they show their best side. There, in the forest close to their home, is where Samantha and Christian saw each other for the first time, it was very emotional.
I came a bit exhausted from the wonderful 4 days wedding in Egypt under lot of sun and 35°C from Gabriela and Adam. But I have been waiting the whole year to this wedding and I was really excited. Since we met for the first time, I had a very good feeling about them and I knew it was going to be something special.
They wanted to celebrate their day in a intime way and with style, and for that there is no better place in Berlin than celebrating your wedding in Soho House Berlin.

Always respectful, always polite, always with a smile… Samantha, Christian, thank you for your trust, so happy to have documented this for you.

Enjoy their story.


Back to you always when I am looking for some inspiration, and you never let me down! Simply beautiful! Love the edition of the images and also how you set them in the blog. Take care Dani

Hi Felix, thanks a lot for your message, I really appreciate it!
Hope you are doing well!

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