Whatever I will put into words will not be as close to what it feels to be right here, right now.

To be honest, I sometimes did not have full confidence in my work. As the matter fact, I have always been very critical of anything I do, never really fully satisfied.. I received the nomination for the 30 Rising star of wedding photography by New Yorks Rangefinder Magazine back in June without much conviction. That is for others, I thought. Rangefinder is the official magazine of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International), probably the most important association in the world for wedding and portrait photographers, and they name of 30 photographers from all over the world.
I remember that I had just returned back from a wedding in Switzerland that Monday. I love taking photos in different places in the world. Knowing new places and facing new challenges, are just a part of this. It is an honor to be taken to so many parts of the world to do what I love. It is a dream come true. I’m not saying that sometimes Wedding season can be long and exhausting.
I returned home, my little one and his mother were already asleep. I put my favorite album of The Cure, Disintegration. It is sad and melancholy, I know, but those are sensations that I never run away from, nor do I want to run away. This kind of music is perfect for me for those days. Suddenly I received an email from Rangefinder. I got nervous and said to myself, imagine that they chose me. Voilà…. I went slowly to bed, I quietly woke up Julie and I told her. “I knew it”, she told me, “you deserve that”. I kissed them good night and went back to the living room to listen the album till the end. The next morning I checked my Emails again to see if it was all true or it was just a dream.

I still today cannot believe that this really happening . Overwhelmed and honored by everything at the same time. I have been actually named Rising Star 2018 by Rangefinder (here the link) This is the biggest achievement of my photography and one of the most prestigious possible awards that can be won in the industry. This shows me that with passion and a lot of work you can achieve your goals. News like this give you the reassurance you need to believe in yourself, in your work, in what you’re doing.

Being on a list like this one, is very strange to me. It’s almost ridiculous to be on the same list that my greatest heroes of photography are. Just like Nirav Patel, and other geniuses who became friends to me, just like Petar Jurica and Roberto Panciatici. Thanks to these last two for helping me with the selection.

There are so many people that I want to thank, and that have accompanied me on this path of mine.
First of all to Julie, for her unconditional love and help always, and her patience when I only talk about photography. You are a big support in my life and you gave me the best present also this year that I could ever have, our wonderful Son, Xoel.
I would also like to thank all the people who support me and who have believed in me on this path and who have always supported me. Like you, Jasmin and Sara…and as for the rest of you, you should know personally how thankful I am.

A very special thank you to my wedding couples for trusting me and trusting my style, and letting me shoot my way through your special day .
Thanks for following my ideas and my tips. You are the ones that made this happen.
Sometimes I did asked myself if I should change my style and be more classic but you and your trust in me made me following my instincts.

I also want to thank Rangefinder for this, and congratulations to the rest 29 super talented photographers on the list.
It’s such an honour and privilege to be on this list with you all