Frequently Asked Questions

 – Are you always the photographer who will come to our wedding, or do you send sometimes someone else? No, you choosed me and I will be the photographer who will join you t your wedding day.

 –  How long in advance should we book you? The sooner the better, even more if your wedding takes place in at weekend in Summer. If you are exigent with your wedding pictures, you should book your photographer as soon as possible, me or someone else. There are many good photographers out there. It is annoying if the photographer you want to have is already booked.

Do we sign a contract? Sure. It is very important, for you and for me.

– Are all the weddings that you have done in your Website? No, I show you here only a small selection from several weddings, and only some pictures from those weddings, so you can have a notion about my Style.

–  Do you also photograph also weddings outside Berlin? Of course. I photograph weddings all over Germany, in Spain and also worldwide. This year, for example, I am traveling in Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and all over Germany to document weddings. So if you are interested in my work, please contact me and let´s talk about it.

– How works the payment ? If you want to book me, you pay 30% of the cost for the booking. So I can cancel other requests, which come for the same day. The rest is paid after I give you the pictures.

We do not like to pose, do we really have to pose in the day to get nice photos? People are most beautiful when they laugh, when they cry, when they dance … so just be as you are. My style is different. I take pictures of your wedding behind the scenes, you will almost not notice that I am there. For the bridal shooting yes, which normally take between 30 and 60 minutes. But do not worry, it’s not the classic bridal shooting, and it is a maximum of an hour of about 15 hours or more that I accompany you. Most of the time the bridal couples feel this hour as a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle. In this hour, I have the possibility to choose the light, the background, etc. consciously to make beautiful photos for you. But of course we do it only if you want to. From the rest of the day you will get enough beautiful pictures.

– How many pictures do you make per wedding? And do we get all the pictures? I make many, about 4000 pictures or even more. During the day, so many things happen, so I can not stop photographing. But in the end you get a selection of about 500 pictures or more in high resolution. You can trust me, that I will pick the best pictures. The photos are in high-resolution for your use. All photos are optimized by me, with a lot of love. The photos are without copyright or quality degradation. You pay for me a fixed price for the complete wedding reportage, in which all photos and services are included. There are not extra charges or surprises.

– When will we get the photos? And how long do you work on the pictures? The pure working time for your pictures is 2-3 days, but in high season I have mucht to edit. At the latest after 3-4 weeks will you get the finished pictures. You will get your wedding pictures in color (film-look) and B & W.

– Up to what size can we develop the photos? My high-quality camera equipment guarantees you the highest quality resolution, so, as big as you want to.

– Do you make also group pictures? Of course I’ll do that if you want to. It’s your wedding and I’m your photographer. Just come up and tell me what you want. Often it is the mothers who organize that as soon as they realize that the photographer does not make any classic pictures 🙂

– Will be every guest on the pictures? I can not always guarantee that every single guest will be on the pictures. But of course I try.

– Are you staying until the end? I will be with you if you want to and if you book the big collection. As long as things happen, which are important for your reportage, I will be there.

– Bring me somewhere nice? I would like to separate my work as a wedding photographer from my other projects. The title comes from a song by Mogwai (Take me somewhere nice), one of my favorite bands.