I was really excited to photograph this wedding in Piedmont, in the North of Italy. Being a wedding photographer in Italy and having always these streets, walls and light as background must be a big privilege. Italy breathes art and beauty in every single corner. Wherever you look, you find something majestic.

I went with my family and we spent a couple of days there before the wedding took place. Piedmont is a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland, sits at the foot of the Alps. It’s known for sophisticated cuisine and wines. So we fully enjoyed “la dolce vita” of Italy before heading to Austria for another wedding. It was end of September and I don’t know if you feel the same but for me September is the best month of the year, the month when everything moves at a slower pace marking the end of summer.

Rea and Marco are from Zurich, Switzerland, but they decided to take all their friends and family to Italy to celebrathe with them. I have been lucky enough to witness many weddings. But this one has been definitely one of the most emotional ones, a wedding full of tears as well as laughter. Rea, Marco, thanks for letting me be part of this. You are wonderful people.


As the sister of the bride I can only say as much: This day was simply magical. And you Dani, managed to capture these moments with so much love, talent and patience. I am forever thankful for you being there and gifting us with these pictures that we all will look at until the end of our life. Muchisimas gracias <3

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