Sometimes it happens there are people who just manage to capture your attention from the moment you meet them. Maybe it’s a smile, a gesture, a relaxed way to communicate. You do not know the reason in particular, you just can feel it.

I had the enormous pleasure of joining Lou, Eike, and their two wonderful twins and being their wedding photographer in Brandenburg. They spent the whole weekend with their family and friends at Gut Boltenhof, a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by fresh country air, animals, and lot of charm. Everything is a little slower there, as if time had stopped.  

Lou und Eike are an amazing couple, relaxed, respectful, and what for me is a great virtue, emotional. I come from a culture where emotions  are not a sign of weakness or vulnerability. This is unfortunatly not the same everywhere. Showing love and emotions is something that makes us more human. And I must say I am somehow addicted to emotions and to people who are able to show them.

For me this wedding it is beyond beautiful, just like these two. Thank you Lou and Eike for you kindness and your smile. You are wonderful humans..







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