Sandra + Nacho | Madrid Wedding Photographer

Shortly before we started Nacho was excited, he usually doesn´t feel very comfortable in front of the camera. On the other hand, Sandra has worked as a model for many years. “It’s not about posing but about being as you are, and as you are with Sandra” “trust me and let you flow, everything will be fine, just enjoy with her” I said.

Sandra and Nacho got married in Madrid in October, but before that, we did the engagement Shooting in Cabo de Gata, a beautiful place in Andalusia in southern Spain. A nature reserve with incredible beaches, rocky coasts and desert-like landscape. A real eye-candy. Such a dream to be able to return back home and being wedding photographer in Andalusia.

Sandra is from Alicante. I met here a few years ago, when I used to work sometimes as Photographer there. Nacho comes from Segovia, deep Spain. They met each other four years ago in Madrid. And since that moment Sandra knew that she wanted to spend her life together with Nacho.

Sandra was sure that she wanted me to be the photographer of their wedding. And that was for me such a big pleasure. In Cabo de Gata I met Nacho for the very first time. Since that moment I knew that we were going to have a great time together. For Sandra it was important to have some pictures at the Mediterranean Sea, where she was born and grew up.

Sandra and Nacho are a wonderful couple. Just have a look at the pictures to understand how much chemistry there is between the two. We had a great time together. I hope the pictures are reflecting this beautiful connection again.

The song is from Triana, an iconic band from the 70s. It is the favorite band of my dad, and their melodies transport me directly to my childhood in Andalusia.

Un nido en mi ventana – Triana


The big day came. October is month for weddings in Spain, when the heat doesn´t squeeze so much. I packed all my stuffs, to prepare the wedding´s season in my country of origin.

Charm, beauty and love were only a few highlights of Sandra and Nacho’s wedding in Madrid,  and I was honored to be their Madrid wedding photographer. Sandra and Nacho are a special kind. They love each other as much as they love having adventures together.

We became friends. Sandra, Nacho, Thank you two for giving me the privilege to be a part of your story.


Venue: Palacio del Negralejo   Dress: Cosmobella Milano by Sedka Novias   Suit: Pugil   Make-up Artist: Titiana y Oberon