An intimate winter wedding in the Black Forest. Hunter and Graham came all the way from Edmonton, Canada to Germany to do this Elopement with me as photographer. It is to be honest a big honour, but also a huge responsability. The Elopement took place in the Black Forest.
“I am obsessed with your photos and I have been since I first laid eyes on them several months ago. It’s everything from the light, the peace and the moody colours in your photos that are just so natural, deep and earthy at the same time. The photos aren’t forced or posed they are very organic. Your style is exactly what I’ve always imaged our photos to be. We would absolutely love love love it if you would be willing and able to take the photos for us..”
Play the music and I hope you enjoy this serie.


We’ve never dreamed of having the big white wedding. Our vision has always been to exchange vows in front of only each other, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. We felt our upcoming trip to Germany would be the perfect location. With this in mind, I was determined to find a photographer whose style was non-traditional, just like us. I had been following Dani’s work online for several months and was taken back by the way that he is able to capture so much emotion in a photo. His photos are the perfect contrast between dark and light. They are moody, and emotional, and authentic. They were unique. They were exactly what we were looking for. Dani far exceeded our expectations. We could not believe the photos were of us. When we decided to elope, our biggest fear was that our families would feel left out. Well, not one single family member or friend has felt this way. We have received countless responses from our loved ones saying that through Dani’s stories and slideshows that he put together, they felt like they experienced the day with us. That is truly the biggest compliment that we can give to Dani. To be able to capture the day in a way that allows not only us, but our family and friends, to relive the day any time we want is an incredible gift. Thank you so much Dani for being so kind, patient, and amazing. Your talent is a gift and we are forever grateful that you captured our special day. See you in 5 years for anniversary photos.

Your friends, Graham and Hunter.

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