Fine Art Wedding Photography

Well 2018 is over, and I must say it has been one of the most important years of my life for many reasons. I have travelled the world joining so many wonderful people in a very special moment of their lifes. I met so many wonderful humans on the way. Not only the couples, but the family and friends. One of the good things about wedddings is that people are some kind of very open to show their emotions, so you are every weekend surroended but such a beautiful energy.

My work took me to Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Italy, to an amazing island on the North Sea (Amrum), Argentina, and all around Germany. But as I said, it not only the places you visited, but the people you get to know all around.

Xoel, my son, was born at the beginning of the year, and he is bringing so much happiness and joy in our lifes. He is just incredible! Baby and Business have not been the easiest to figure out but I couldn’t be thankful enough for both.

And this year I was honored with one of the most prestigious awards in the industry of Wedding and Portrait Photography, being choosed one of the the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars worldwide. I couldn’t ask for more.

Looking forward to what 2019 is bringing to me. And hope to follow this path and have wonderful experiences.

Here a selection of some of my best images of 2018. Play the music.

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