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Yvonne + Kevin | Berlin Wedding Photographer

One of the things that I like most about my job as wedding photographer is being able to get to know couples in a very special moment in their live when they are specially vulnerable. I am addicted to emotions and to people who are able to show them in some way.

When I received the request from Yvone and Kevin, they told me their story… I saw the venue, I said to myself, that I had to do this one. Then we met each other and I could feel from the very first moment that I wasn´t wrong. Laid back, huge hearts, these are my kind of people.

Being a wedding photographer in Berlin is such a privilege. The city is not only very well connected to all Europe and to the world, also here you can find every type of Locations for weddings, from the most idyllic venues in the countryside in Brandenburg to the most authentic urban locations like the one that I am showing you today, an old carpet factory in what it was East Berlin, back in the days.





Location: Alte Teppischfabrik, Berlin   Dress: Felicita   Flowers: Kopflegenden by Jil Berner


Awesome pictures! Cheers from soulseeker fotograf nunta

Wow! Amazing pictures. Fotograf Nunta

Dublin Wedding Photographer

Absolutely amazing images.
Love the emotion in the photographs.

Thanks for sharing.

Dublin Wedding Photographer


Hi, love to hear that. Thank you very much for your comment !!

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