Ayrene + Jan | Berlin Wedding Photographer

Engagement shooting in Berlin | You can have an impression about how the people can be by the way they communicate with you, but you never know how they are until you meet them. Messages from Ayrene were always very funny and full of irony, something that I love, so I thought that she could only have a great man beside her too, and that we all were going to understand each other very good. The harmony between us was just amazing, but what was incredible, was the connection between them, out of this world. People who can get so deep into their feelings, reach such an intimacy like if they were in their own bubble and forget that you are around it, is a present for any photographer. Ayrene and Jan are getting married very soon in Berlin.




Glen 16:48 May 22, 2017 Reply
Wow........ Brought a tear to my eye.
    Bringmesomewherenice 11:19 May 24, 2017 Reply
    Hi Glen, happy to hear that somehow :) Greetings from Berlin !
Annabelle 15:16 May 28, 2017 Reply
Super mooi. Fantastische sfeer! Really magical. Was this the music you played while shooting?
    Bringmesomewherenice 09:14 June 20, 2017 Reply
    Thank you Annabelle !! the song is called Words, from Ane Brun. ;)